Perdido key Fishing Charters

Pensacola Beach is now one of Trip Advisors top ten most beautiful beaches in the world and there is no better way to get a full experience than to hop aboard one of our awesome charter or guide boats. While Pensacola Beach is who won the coveted award for most beautiful beach there is absolutely no difference in the beaches on Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key. Pensacola Beach runs to the east of Pensacola Pass, while Perdido Key runs to the west. Pensacola Pass is what connects Pensacola Bay, Big Lagoon, and Santa Rosa Sound to the Gulf of Mexico. Not only does the area have very nice beaches, Perdido Key fishing charters has some of the best fishing you’ll find anywhere. We operate fishing charters daily out of Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key for anglers traveling from Pensacola, Perdido Key, Navarre, Orange Beach, and Gulf Breeze. Our busy season in March through August simply because that’s when we have the most visitors in town, but some of our best charter fishing in Pensacola and Perdido Key can be had during the fall months of September, October, and November. Throughout the year our offshore fishing charter boats target species like snapper, grouper, mackerel, sharks, marlin, dolphin, tuna, and amberjack. Many of these species are also caught by our inshore guides who use smaller boats, but often also make their way out into the Gulf of Mexico on fishing charters. If you’re looking to go inshore you can add species like speckled trout, flounder, redfish, and sheepshead to the list of likely catches. Perdido Key Fishing Charters likes to make it easy for their customers whether their locals or visitors from out of town. Fishing license, ice, bait, tackle, rods & reels, and fishing cleaning is provided at no extra cost on each and every trip. Our experienced booking staff is always willing to point you in the right direction and women and children are always welcome at Perdido Key Fishing Charters.

Awesome food and drinks while fishing

It’s a well-known fact that fisherman and especially charter captains love food, and we might even like to enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, but that’s not important. Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key, and Orange Beach are truly home to some of the best dining you will find anywhere. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick fish sandwich after your charter trip or hit one of the fine dining stops with the husband or wife, we have it here. If you’re looking for a cold beer or your favorite frozen concoction there are plenty of stops for that as well. One must visit hot spot is the Flora Bama that is a world-renowned bar that is a frequent stop for well-known people like Jimmy Buffet or Kenny Chesney.

Inshore Fishing

Perdido Key is an awesome place to go inshore fishing considering you’re sitting on Big Lagoon and only a few miles from Pensacola Pass. Speckled trout, redfish, and flounder are often targeted species, but don’t forget about sheepshead and Spanish mackerel. Big Lagoon is home to some of the best grass flats that you’ll find across the State of Florida. On an inshore charter you’ll likely start out early morning fish the flats for speckled trout and redfish, then move to Pensacola Pass and the Gulf of Mexico once it heats up. If sea sickness might be an issue with your friends and family Perdido Key is a great spot to leave from.

Offshore Fishing

If you’re looking to go offshore fishing you’ll have a pretty short boat ride to the fishing grounds if leaving from Perdido Key. Red snapper, triggerfish, gag ground, and amberjack are a few of the species you’ll encounter on a bottom fishing charter. If you’re looking to go trolling, you’ll be looking for king mackerel, bonita, wahoo, dolphin, and tuna. Bottom fishing is far more popular in our area and boats typically fish fifteen to thirty miles offshore. The bottom dwellers do have strict seasons, so be sure to inquire on what you’ll be able to keep when calling to book your fishing charter.

Changing of the seasons…
Would you believe that fish watch the weather just as much as people, if not more? Well let me tell you they do and the weather conditions and time of year largely dictate what we’ll be “catching” on your fishing trip. Some of our species only show up during certain times of the year. Some examples are sheepshead really gather up during the latter part of February and early March making them an easy target. Cobia and pompano like to visit our area during the spring months, I mean let’s be real, who doesn’t want to spend spring break on our beautiful beaches. Then during the fall and winter we have the best bull redfish fishery that exists. Yes, I said it, the best, I know Venice, Louisiana and Mosquito Lagoon, Florida have their fair share of big redfish, but it does not compare to the run we have here every year.

Fishing regulations stink…
It’s both unfortunate and a good thing, we have very strict fishing regulations in Florida. Sometimes it’s very irritating when you have to let nearly everything you catch go, but on the flip side it’s helps maintain our incredible fishery. Fishing charters aren’t cheap, with the cost of boats, fuel, and bait our hands are really tied when it comes to the price of our trips. During seasons like snapper and sheepshead it’s a no brainer, that’s what you’ll want to do. You’ll have a ton of fun fishing and go home with plenty of fish. There are other times when you might want to consider making your primary focus on the trip catching fish and not worrying about how many we get to put in the cooler. We often see that these are some of our best trips when we’re dealing with closed seasons. We can always go after species we can keep, but lets be real would you rather have 10 two pound vermillion snapper or catch and release fifteen to twenty pound red snapper.

Things to consider bringing…
You need a camera first and foremost because you’ll surely have a trip that you want to remember while fishing with Perdido Key Fishing Charters. You don’t have to bring you’re thousand-dollar camera if you don’t want, cell phones take fantastic photos these days. Another very important thing is food and drink, if you’re going during the summer it’s really really hot out there, I’m not kidding sometimes it’s feels like you’re standing in the middle of the desert, so make sure you bring plenty of water and other liquids to stay hydrated. You’ll also want to consider sun screen, sunglasses, and appropriate clothing including a hat or visor. It’s no a necessity by any means, but you might want to consider picking up a cheap pair of polarized sunglasses if you don’t have any, they allow you to see what’s in the water and there’s a good chance we encounter some awesome dolphins.