Inshore Fishing Pensacola

Perdido Key is an excellent location to take an inshore fishing charter or what others refer to as a guided trip. They start at just $500 for up to 4 anglers for a 4-hour fishing trip. When considering how long of a trip you need to go on remember that during a lot of times your ride time will be short and these boats are fast. It’s much different than going on a big deep sea fishing charter boat that goes 15 MPH and must travel 30 miles from the dock before ever wetting a line. These trips are operated on 22 to 24 foot bay boats with outboard engines that are reliable, quiet, and do not put off any odor. A lot of the “old school” charter boats with diesel engines put off fumes that make people sea sick quite often. Continuing on the subject of getting sea sick, if you think it’s a possibility, then the inshore trip is definitely the best option for you. These trips are all private so it will be just you and your family and friends on the boat, if someone starts feeling a little queasy we can come back into the bay and fish where the waters are calm or every pull up on shore for a few minutes until they get to feeling better. There’s nothing worse than being on a boat with fifty other people and having a sea sick wife or child, it ruins the day for everyone. Perdido Key Fishing Charters offers adventures twelve months out of the year and always knows what’s biting and where the hot spots are located. Perdido is located on the west side of Pensacola and sits just a few miles from Pensacola Bay that connects the inland bodies of water to the Gulf of Mexico. At Perdido Key Fishing Charters we fish both the backwater and offshore depending on the weather conditions and what’s biting on that particular day. Speckled trout, redfish, flounder, sheepshead, red snapper, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and sharks are a few species that we catch on a regular basis. We always clean and bag your fish after the trip for no additional charge.

Our Favorite Redfish Recipe…
Redfish on the Half Shell!

• 6-10 redfish fillets with skin and scales intact, just wash well
• Pat dry and apply a few drops of Tobasco to dry fillet In a saucepan, melt 1/2 stick of butter
• 2 cups zesty Italian dressing
• 1 cup Thousand Island dressing
• 1 8 oz bottle of Tiger Sauce
• 1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning
• 1 tablespoon garlic powder
• 3 tablespoons lemon juice

1. Have grill hot and place halfshells on grill coated with cooking spray SKIN SIDE DOWN.
2. Sprinkle generously with Italian or seasoned bread crumbs. Spoon mixture of the sauce or use large turkey baster. Do not rub the bread crumbs off
3. Cook with lid closed for about 6-8 minutes or until fork is inserted in the thickest part of the fish can twist meat apart. DO NOT OVERCOOK.
4. Serve with skin and scales still attached and just eat off of skin.