Inshore / Nearshore
2 Hour – $375
4 Hour – $500
5 Hour – $575
6 Hour – $650
Price for 4 Anglers

Offshore / Deep Sea Fishing
6 Hour – $1200
8 Hour – $1350
10 Hour – $1650
12 Hour – $1950
Price for 6 Anglers

We provide…
• Bait (We’ll have great dead bait on board and will likely stop and catch some live bait on our way out.)
• Ice (It’s import to keep your fish fresh, we’ll have plenty of ice on board.)
• Tackle & Equipment (We have great stuff to make your job catching fish as easy as possible.)
• Licensing (We’ll have all needed licensing, you don’t need anything.)
• Fish Cleaning (No extra charge, we’ll clean and bag your fish.)

You bring…
• Food (No one wants to be hungry on a fishing trip, bring plenty of snacks.)
• Drinks (You can bring all of the beer you want, but be sure to have plenty of water also.)
• Sunglasses (A must have! It’s cool to have polarized so you can see everything we can see.)
• Camera (A cell phone is fine, but there will surely be things on the trip that you’ll want to capture.)
• Cooler (You’ll need to have a cooler in the car to take your fish home in after the trip.)